We have tried the best for the welfare of the poor engaged within our NGO operations, but Deepangan has truly made the effort possible in an easier manner. Recently, we have distributed some valuable goods among the need and those are managed from different sources and distant sources. There is no doubt that without engaging Deepangan such operations could not be handled. Thanks for the support.

K Prakash


A new era of child education has begun and Kolkata is going to explore more welfare opportunities through the interactions of Deepangan. I am quite sure that more people will find options to donate some usable goods for the needy. Being an NGO head, it is a privilege to be a part of Deepangan and our recent campaigns of distribution has got a great success due to the active approach of the same group. I am grateful to Deepangan from the bottom of my heart for maintaining such a better and holy job.

Neeraj Kumar

(Manager of Holistic Approach Group)


Deepangan is doing a great job and our NGO has found new options to gather valuable goods from distance sources for distributing among needy. I was surprised to experience that a wise head has communicated from a distance state for donating his wires. Without the fruitful platform of Deepangan, it was never possible. I am truly happy to work with such a wise group of working hands.

Harsh Chaturbedi

(Director of Sunrise NGO)


Deepangan’s support for helping poor is truly appreciable and we are proud to be a part of such holy operations. Recently, we have served sixty children with some entertaining articles those are donated by some wise people. It was a great experience and heart’s content to operate such a social mission.

Deepa Basak

(Chairperson- Holy Approach Society)