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HTSM TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED has done something more instead of making business and Deepangan is the outcome of the same effort. People are social and our effort of Deepangan will make people social one the web even. There are uncountable quality goods that your wardrobe contains. So, why don’t you donate those to the needy? Deepangan will help you connect with the right source of donating all of those goods those are quality ones, but useless to you. You can simply upload the details of such goods here and the registered NGOs will connect you for the right placement.

This is the time to be stand beside the needy Indians those are even unknown to explore little wonders. So, do not hesitate to make a step ahead for this holy campaign of Deepangan. We believe that your collaboration with Deepangan will bring the resurrection of a healthy and prosperous nation.

Items for Donation

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Registered NGOs only will get approval to join with us. NGO will collect the items posted by nearby donor.

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